Why you should pay writers hourly rather than per word
The vast majority of organizations that hire freelance writers pay these writers by word written. This incentivises writers in the wrong way, leading to poorly researched articles with unnecessary fluff just to pad out the word count. Here, experienced online publisher John Wright puts the case forward for paying writers by the hour rather than by the word.
Hourly Vs Salaried Employees: Understand What's Right for Your Business
A key question that often arises in the human resource management of an organization is the type of compensation package for the employees. Company owners are often skeptical about which type of remuneration would be better for their businesses; Hourly vs salary employee.
11 Freelance Time Tracking Best Practices to Boost Your Income
People view freelancing as an easy job. To be honest, it is just like any other office job. In fact, it might be harder. There are very strict deadlines to meet, clients that need work done quickly and even complicated projects.

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