Google Chrome Integration

With the Google Chrome Extension from Timesheet, you can record your working hours directly in the browser. Just download the extension, sign-in and start tracking while surfing the internet.

Google Chrome

Getting started

You can find the Google Chrome Extension in the Chrome Web Store:

Google Chrome WebStore
Download and install the Google Chrome Extension

Install the extension and add the Timesheet icon to the browser bar. With the help of the Timesheet icon, the extension can be opened and closed.

Google Chrome Extension Download
with your Timesheet Account

Sign-in with your Timesheet account or simply create a new user. After logging in, you can start your previous projects straight away.

Google Chrome Extension Sign-In
Start tracking your working hours

With the extension you can easily select your projects and start a task. You always have an overview of the duration and breaks of the task. Furthermore, expenses and notes can be added via the extension.

Google Chrome Extension Timer

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