Zapier Integration

Zapier lets you create custom integrations between Timesheet and thousands of other tools, including Asana, Google Calendar, and Trello. These integrations can help you automate your workflow so that you spend less time on manual tasks and more time on the work that matters.

Getting started with Zapier

Go to the Zapier integration and choose an app you want to connect Timesheet to.

Zapier Integration
Select a Zapier Trigger and an Action

In the next step you select a trigger in the Timesheet app and an action in the target app. For example, if a new task is added, the selected action is started in the connected app.

Zapier Trigger
Log in with your Timesheet account

Select your Timesheet user and allow Zapier to access your data.

Zapier Account
Create an Action in the target App

Select an action in the target app and connect to this app. The data from Timesheet can then be transferred to the target app.

Zapier Action
Activate your Zap

Save and activate your Timesheet Zap. When your trigger is fired it wil automatically call the defined action in your traget App.

Zapier Activation

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